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Retention Academy is the same content that I work through with my VIP clients

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Retention Academy has been evolving for 20 years

Retention Academy takes the very best of the strategy development work I do with my VIP clients and delivers it in three days.

During 2014 I ran a program called six-by-six where I worked with six operators one day per month for six months. Whilst it was a resounding success I believe it took too long to achieve the results. But one of the biggest learning's was the benefits that come from having an implementation team. Each business had a different mix of staff but essentially it was four-eight people who would be responsible for making things happen.

They included fitness managers/directors, club managers, marketing managers and operations directors. Now, your business may not have those titles or those titles may all belong to just one person, but the point is they had a small group of people that made things happen.



This program is for those operators who want retention to be a key differentiator within their business. You can be an independent club, studio or gym you can be a multi-site multi-country big box or a boutique. You and your colleagues accept that you will have responsibility to drive the changes in your business once you have completed the course. You also understand that you will need to put action into your action plan to make it work.


Operators that believe retention miracles will happen just because they signed up to the program. If you think listening is the same as doing or have the title manager but don't actually like to manage, this program is not for you.

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Why Retention Guru?

Paul has been working in the fitness industry for more than three decades. He's presented more than 150 international presentations in 31 different countries and currently divides his time between conducting research in the area of retention, attrition and customer loyalty and coaching businesses in practical approaches to improve all areas of the customer experience.

Paul's research has reviewed the data from 4.5 million customers, from 4000+ clubs in 70 topic areas. 

Paul is known for his extensive work with operators developing systems and practices to improve retention. His clients include, Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness, Aspria, The Gym Group, Marriott Hotels, Club Med Gyms, Reebok Sports Club, London and multiple public sector operators here in the UK.

Paul has two master’s degrees, one in Exercise & Health Behaviours, the second in Social Science Research. Paul’s research focus for PhD was in Health Club member retention. 





The Venue 

Traditionally we would have met up for three-day period, in a nice hotel, in a large conference room with six to ten tables. Each business would have a table that can seat four-eight people - your implementation team. Now it's online. That benefits you as there are no travel costs, no hotel costs and no being away from home. 


The Content

The Retention Academy Framework is revolutionary because it stops you thinking that the only way to grow your business is sales and teaches you that creating a retention strategy and customer experience can.

Retention Academy takes the very best of the strategy development work I do with my VIP clients and delivers it in three days.

Hundreds of facilities in multiple countries have used the Retention Academy framework to significantly increase retention, reduce attrition and improve member loyalty.


The Sessions

The Retention Academy has a format that guides your team through each stage of the change and deployment process. Each of the sessions delivered has a learning structure that helps staff achieve the results you are looking for. This is not just a bunch of webinars and seminars thrown together to create a program.

These are crafted educational seminars and workshops designed to maximise impact and minimise time wasting.


The Impact 

Retention Acadmey has been designed to have an impact and it has done that for many operators in all sectors of the industry and markets around the world.

Cest La Vive

Wellington Health and Fitness

University of Hertfordshire

Stirling Active


"When it comes to the incredibly important topic of retention in the boutique or studio, no one has more depth and breadth of knowledge than Dr. Paul Bedford.  

Dr Bedford's experience and research will serve as guiding pillars to grow all profitable businesses." 

Luke Carlson, MSCEO
Discover Strength

"Dr. Paul Bedford is my go to source for objective fitness industry research, data and business implementation. The advice he provides regarding member retention, attrition and loyalty is stellar and every fitness operator should learn from him."

Jarod Cogswell

Co-Creator/Senior Director Spartan DEKA

We were conscious we needed to put measures in place, but wanted to ensure we took the right action that would have a genuine impact on our member retention. Dr. Paul Bedford helped us to identify the new member journey and create an interaction programme; from when they first join and throughout their early life, encouraging members to attend from the start to help create routines.

James Lawrence

Lifestyle Fitness

 "We Mr Chen

"At Whyttte Wolf are recognised across China for our unique club designs. I sent my entire senior managemnet team to the first Retention Acadmey in Bejinig. We learnt so much from the expereince I sent all my managers to the second one."

Whyttte Wolf (China)

Here’s what you’ll get in the RETENTION ACADEMY:

The Retention Guru Process developed over 20 years

Honed and refined over two decades, our approach is designed to make sure every element of your business benefits from this process. 

Blended learning approach designed to maximise impact

Using a blended learning approach containing pre-recorded videos, live trainings, coaching sessions and our accountability process, you will achieve more in less time. We will cover 12 specific topics in three days so you and your team will be able to move your project forwards quickly as possible. 

Coaching and Training sessions 

Having been an operator, a trainer and an academic, I am in a unique position to help guide you through the process of developing and deploying your retention strategy. Over the past twenty years I have developed more unique retention strategies for more fitness businesses than anybody else. 

Accountability Sessions

Nothing is done, until it's done. Our Get Stuff Done (GSD) sessions are designed to keep the project on track, on purpose and on time. GSD sessions are built into the program to assist you achieve results.

We will measure your retention, attrition and lifetime value for you 

Prior to the start of the training we will measure your current situation regarding retention, attrition and lifetime value. This will allow you to make more insightful decisions about exactly what to focus on and what can be left for later.

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