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Join Us As Retention Convention Goes Virtual - 3rd December 2020

Global retention expert, Dr. Paul Bedford, will host his 6th annual Retention Convention virtually for 2020, bringing together speakers from around the world to form a documentary-style event:

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Without data your just a person with an opinion. Our data driven solutions help you focus on the areas that have most impact.

You can blindly copy what others are doing or you can build insights for what will work for you.

It all counts for nothing if it doesn't provide meaningful results. We will help you understand what to measure and when. 

"Paul has been a great colleague and friend for many years and I always enjoy his insights, intellect, and support. Having been a keynote speaker at his renowned retention convention and having read his reports and heard his advice I would advise anyone in the fitness space seeking to understand retention to connect with Paul. He is simply the best at what he does."

Bryan O'Rourke, MBA
FIT-C, Executive, Board Member, Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Investor, Author

"“We have a whole gaggle of so called Guru’s striding around the industry – gurus of data, retention, behaviour, marketing and so on – who make a great living running the industry down and contributing very little to its progress. I should add that the exception to this is Dr Paul Bedford – a true Guru of retention with valuable advice to offer”."

Dave Stalker
(former CEO UK Active)

"I have worked with Dr Paul Bedford on many projects in my time working at Life Fitness. Paul has the ability to understand, guide, direct and suggest sensible solutions that can be ground breaking to that organisation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Paul to any Leisure organisation looking to improve member retention or to change the culture within thier organisation."

David Connolly
UK Sales Manager, Life Fitness.

"Dr. Paul Bedford, came to the council I worked for and introduced a number of key measures that were certainly relevant to the base line staff such as myself. After moving from that job I have been using motivational interview and client retention systems that has made my role a lot more enjoyable. Thanks Paul"

Daniel Townsend
Youth and Community Officer at WILLOWS CENTRE TROEDYRHIW

"Like so many organisation we needed to rationalize our business and prepare for the future. Six years after our initial project with Paul we are still using many of the approaches he introduced. "

Keith Nichols
Leisure Operations Manager - Leisure for Life

"We had plateaued as a business and had the immanent threat of low cost operators entering our market. With Paul’s support and guidance we grew our business from 3000 members to well over 7000 in just 18 months. We have continued to grow and are more relevant to our community than ever before. "

Mat Burnell
Director of Delivery - Active Stirling

"We knew we needed to do something to improve the experience for our students, staff and customers but we didn’t know where to start. With Paul’s help we have been able to get clarity of where to start and have been progressing month-on-month ever since. "

Jo Blackett
Business Development Manager – Bristol University

"When we needed to change our organizational culture we sought support from Dr Paul Bedford. We started with a small group and this evolved into a whole company initiative. This has been so important to our growth. "

Bob Peck
Membership & Infrastructure Manager

Supporting Health  & Fitness operators improve retention, for more than 20 years


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