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Are you tired of working flat out to   

get new members, because existing

members keep leaving? 


Well that’s a common complaint from most health club businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. We have spent almost 20 years focused on this one area, helping owners, operators and managers reduce the risk of someone leaving. We have a strong reputation and healthy track record in this field it's common for us to get calls from people just like you who are making these types of comments. 

➤ "I’m frustrated by not knowing how tackle our retention issues."

➤ "I’m worried that we will get left behind as the post-pandemic world gets back on track."

➤ "We don’t know where to start and really need someone to support us developing our retention  strategy."

➤ "We desperately need a robust retention approach in place that will stand the test of time."

Stop wondering, take that step forward today.


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8 most common mistakes operators make.

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Think what it would be like if you didn't lose members every time a new studio, club or low-cost chain opened close to you?

How much extra income would you generate if your members stayed an extra 2-3-4 months or longer? 

Wouldn't it be satisfying if your existing members referred more family, friends & colleagues?

Imagine being able to ease back on your sales efforts knowing it won't impact your income...

Dr Paul Bedford

Paul has worked in the fitness industry for nearly three decades. Starting as a trainer, he then worked as an operator, an educator and now as a global authority on health club member retention. 

In the past 18 years Paul has:

  • analysed the behaviour of 5.5 million customers
  • measured the performance of 4500+ club and facilities
  • delivered almost 200 international presentations, in 31 different countries on this topic
  • completed a PhD in Behavioural Sciences focusing on health club retention 
  • worked with more than 100+ companies on 4 continents 
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"We have a whole gaggle of so called Gurus striding around the industry – the exception to this is Dr Paul Bedford – a true Guru of Retention with valuable advice to offer".


Dave Stalker

CEO Europe Active

"An amazing resource, coach and trainer - the BEST there is!"


Adam Zeitsiff

 Former CEO Golds Gym International

Discover the 8 Common Mistakes Clubs Make When Trying to Solve thier Retention Problems

Every time I talk to operators at conferences, workshops and trade events we end up discussing how they tackle this issue.

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How would you like to have Dr Paul Bedford as your Retention Director? 

This isn't an online pre-recorded training course. This is me becoming your Retention Director for the next 12 months. This is the most comprehensive approach to retention available.


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