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Six LIVE sessions, delivering a proven framework and system that holds the power to kickstart your retention.

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Being the sole voice focusing on retention within a business can feel really lonely. We've included up to 6 places for your team members to attend, so you don’t have to do this alone.

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Take advantage of one-to-one access to Paul. Overcome all hurdles and establish those clear steps needed to improve your retention plan and reach your business goals.

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When you have so many things going on day-to-day basis it can be confusing knowing where to start with customer retention,

but essential that you do.


Any successful health and fitness business should be designed with the customer/member firmly in mind, and the Retention Kickstart, our two day intensive programme, guides you through the process.

The approaches we have developed at Retention Guru have delivered tangible and measurable benefits for increasing revenue per person, time and time again.

Over the past 20 years we have measured 4.5 million members, from 4000 clubs in 31 different countries all the time evolving new strategies, new tools and techniques to deliver the quickest and easiest results for our clients.

As the foremost research in Health Club member retention Paul will provide you with latest industry insights and trends on retention that you can implement. These will be backed up by real-world examples and practical exercises.

You’ll also gain the skills required to build your own retention map based around your customers/members needs and predicted behavior, with trusted frameworks and systems to help you at every stage of the process, from initial thoughts to finished designs.

You’ll end Retention Kickstart with proven skills in developing your own retention strategy along with best-practice techniques allowing you to evolve your approach as the fitness market adapts and changes. 

Stop waiting for the answers to appear, take responsibility for your retention.

Join the waitlist to ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your health and fitness business the success I know it can be.


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Why Retention Guru?

With over three decades of experience in the health and fitness industry your training will be delivered personally by Dr Paul Bedford for all sessions and post course follow-ups.

Paul brings a wealth of knowledge developing retention strategies for multinational fitness companies to single site owner operator business. An operator himself Paul not only teaches retention he deploys it within the business he is involved with.

Paul's research has reviewed the data from 4.5 million customers, from 4000+ clubs in 70 topic areas.

Clients include, Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness, The Gym Group, Marriott Hotels, Club Med Gyms, Reebok Sports Club, London and multiple public sector operators here in the UK.

Take these learning outputs away with you:


✓ Clarity with what to measure why and how to interpret the results.


 ✓ Guidance on what areas of your business to focus on first


✓ Support in developing a retention strategy that is unique to your business


✓ How to progress your retention strategy once you have achieved your initial wins.


✓ Up to 6 places for your team members to attend so you don’t have to do this alone.

We have been through so many projects to reinvent our business,
how do I know this one will work?

"Dr. Paul Bedford approach to retention is genuine, systematic and scalable.  Touching on everything from the human interaction to the KPIs that support his teaching outcomes.  The training was great and I’d recommend him to any organization that this looking to improve the retention of general members to personal training clients."


Troy D. Richardson
Senior Director Of Fitness Services
Gold’s Gym SoCal

"If you are looking to better retain your members, you have to seek the counsel of Dr. Paul Bedford. In my 20 years within the fitness industry, I've never worked with anyone better, that can narrow the focus, provide relevant data, and invoke critical thought for an actionable strategy."


Brian G Morris, VP Sales & Marketing
Gold’s Gym SoCal

"I would highly recommend Paul as the leading Retention Expert to go to. I personally have followed Paul’s content over the past 8 years, which I have received a great deal from. That said, nothing compared to actually having Paul face-to-face to pick his brain on specific questions and also for him personally delivering knowledge to us on the topic of Retention."


Luke Heapes
Nationwide Fitness Manager

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Here’s everything you get in the RETENTION KICKSTART programme:

Measuring retention, attrition and lifetime value

Defining the terms and the methods for measuring Retention, Attrition, and Lifetime value and the impact those measures have on a business. 

Identify those retention issues within your own business

There are 10 top factors that impact customer retention. In this session we will identify the issues within your own business that relate to the top 10 factors, together we will choose key areas  to prioritise and outline exactly what you can do within your business to make that big difference that you seek.

Develop your own Customer Retention Map

In this session you will develop customer retention maps. This will enable you to retain and renew more customers, by identifying when, where and why your customers are likely to stay or to quit.

The importance of customer feedback and surveys

Customer feedback is invaluable in the development of a retention strategy. In this session you will learn the 6 measures used to evaluate the customer experience and use that information to fine tune your service delivery in areas that have the greatest impact to your customers.

Rewards and Loyalty

Building in process that leads from rewards to long-term loyalty is essential for maintaining a strong business, particularly if you can do it with no or low cost to the business. Learn the effect rewards and loyalty have on increasing customer lifetime value, and the difference between the two.

  • Describe the difference between rewards and loyalty programs
  • Explain how to transition from rewards to loyalty
  • Describe how gamification could be incorporated into your rewards and loyalty programs

Programming and Exercise Adherence 

The on boarding process and subsequent adherence to an exercise program are the elements that the customer needs to complete in order to achieve their goals. Within this session we will describe the difference between exercise adherence and retention

  • Describe the requirements of three types of new customer
  • Describe how to categories new customers by level of experience
  • Explain the value of different onboarding approaches
  • Explain the benefits of turning a service into a product

Post Training Follow Up

We practice what we preach. Once you have been on any of our trainings you become part of our community. 

We put a lot of attention into our post training support, ensuring you have access to the materials and expert guidance you need to put your learnings into practice: You will be able to book a time with Paul to explain your retention map and have Paul pass his eyes over it.

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