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Here are the most common mistakes I see operators making.

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Coaching Services from Retention Guru

Retention Audit

We identify no cost/low cost changes in your business to improve retention

In person or online 

We review your data so you can make  informed choices

We then conduct a Q&A sessions based on the data analysis and your current situation

We provide suggestions on how to rapidly improve retention within your business

We highlight the key areas you need to address in a report                

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Retention Kickstart 

Specifically designed to have an immediate impact on your business

Targeting six key areas of your business

Including pre-recorded videos, live online training, tasks, activities & GSD sessions

Coaching you through the development of your initial retention strategy over two days

Available as an open training, twice per year or as a private sessions for you exclusively

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Retention Academy

The most comprehensive retention program you can complete

Open to only 12 business per year

We investigate your data then develop a member retention strategy that covers  the entire period a member is with you.

Bi-weekly sessions to keep momentum up & deployment on track

Provide you with resources only available to academy members

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What others are saying about Retention Guru Coaching

Ian Davis - Retention Academy

Commercial Manager | Wellington Health & Fitness Club

"We have engaged with Paul for many years... and applied the principles and guidance to our retention programme where we now have annual renewal rates at 92% per month and monthly attrition under 2%.

Due to the practices we employ we have capped our membership and have a waiting list of several hundred.

Staff are engaged in the processes and the marginal gains we make contribute to the continued success... Without Paul's regular feedback, his conventions and academy's we would not be in place we are now."



Jo Blacket - Retention Kickstart 

University of Bristol

"At the University of Bristol not only do we have a health and fitness offering but we also provide opportunities to participate in 50+ sports.

Not only that but there are so many different customers types of customers, students, teaching staff, support staff, commercial customers teams and athletes.

Working with Paul gave us clarity, what to focus on, where to start, how to deliver the intervention he helped us develop and just as importantly what to stop doing. Our programs are now growing year-on-year."


Chelsey Banos - Retention Kickstart 

Director of Field Support | Golds Gyms - SoCal

"I greatly enjoyed working with Dr. Bedford, he was able to explain business models and retention activities in ways that could be measured and executed.

Dr. Bedford was able to bring to life what started as a scramble of ideas and help formulate a focus plan."



Samantha - Retention Academy

CEO | C'est La Vie (Shenzhen, China) 

"Running a health club in China is not easy. As an emerging market finding mentors that can talk to you openly and honestly is difficult.

I attended a live Retention Academy in Beijing along with 30 other operators. Pauls guidance has meant we have been able to increase our income by 200% open a second and third clubs and be in a stable financial position."


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