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Retention Convention 2015

These are the recordings of all five sessions from the 2015 Retention Convention.


Dr Paul Bedford, international speaker and consultant and working with just 12 operators per year focussing solely on health club member retention. My clients include Marriott Hotel Europe, Reebok Sports Club, KX, Elixia, CMG (Club Med Gyms Paris) as well many independent and private sector clients. Paul is also author of the Four National Retention Reports (North America, UK, Australia and New Zealand and co authored 2008 Retention report for the FIA (UK Active).

Dr Melvyn Hillsdon a true pioneer in the field of health club member retention. Melvyn brought us statistical methods designed to accurately measure member behaviour. He then wrote these up into a series of articles called Winning the Retention Battle. He also co produced the 2008 Retention report for the FIA (UK Active)

Rob Gregory has been working behind the scenes for years. He was Global Retention Director with Fitness First and consults to some of the largest health club operators in the world particularly around member experiences. He is going to talk about how data influences business decisions.

Guy Griffiths works in the UK with operators helping them develop retention strategies for both public and private sector clients.

The final session is a Q&A session with the speakers 


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