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Retention Convention 2017


World-class speakers at 2017 Retention Convention

The third Retention Convention took place on the 18th May in Manchester England.

Feedback form previous events from attendees was that they wanted more insights and examples of how to help staff help the operator improve retention.

So this year we will focus and concentrate on the impact a happy workforce has on membership retention. Some health club chains turn over more than 90% of their staff every year and the impact retaining these people has on keeping members, as well as the company’s bottom line, is quite staggering.  Throughout the day delegates will hear from our world-class speakers, who will share their expertise on staff retention strategies.”

Once again we have brought together World-leading health club retention and customer experience experts. The presenters will share their secrets to retaining a happy workforce and ultimately retaining more members. Between them this years speakers have delivered more than 500 international presentations in 43 different countries.

Speaker Line up.

Dave Stalker - Impact a happy workforce has on Health Club Membership Retention.

Former UKactive CEO, Dave Stalker, who is now the CEO of Oxygen Freejumping, opened the conference, with a session about the impact a happy workforce has on health club membership retention.

Stalker has worked at every tier of the corporate leisure and activity ladder, from frontline fitness instructor to CEO in a range of xxx from leisure management contractors to corporate wellbeing.  He is also Chair of the CIMSPA and children’s physical activity company Fit For Sport.  Stalker will kick off the day outlining how each and every aspect of the industry has changed over the last 30 years and explain why failure is guaranteed without a solid retention strategy in place.


Justin Tamsett - Building Retention Starts Off The Field

From Australia, Justin Tamsett, a former health club owner, director of Active Management and well known business and leadership thought leader, will share the seven keys to building a winning team to ensure your ‘on field’ performances lead to retention growth during his session ‘Building Retention Starts Off The Field’.


Lexie Griffiths - Sizzling Customer Service

Global presenter, best-selling author and owner of the professional development programme Sizzle Maker, Lexie Griffiths will deliver a session entitled ‘Sizzling Customer Service - Engage and retain life long members by creating an outrageous customer service organisation’.

Griffiths will share tips and strategies to help brands create raving fans using proven methods from her own events and clubs she has coached to success, alongside best practises from within and outside of the industry.

Griffiths is currently coaching Holmes Place Clubs, as well as the Johnson Health Tech team, but has experience across a number of industries, which includes Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Build A Bear, Pacific Investments and the TUI Group, Europe’s largest tourism conglomerate.


Keith Smith - How to get a Return on Your Education Investment

Training and education specialist, Keith Smith, enjoyed a 14-year career as a tutor and assessor for YMCAFit before starting his own professional development company seven years ago, specialising in the skills and behaviours fitness professionals require to create outstanding fitness experiences. Keith will talk about How to get a Return on Your Education Investment, explaining the importance of making education stick with further coaching back at site.

“Most companies send their staff on training courses and then just assume the skills are embedded and will be delivered in the facility, with no thought to how that training sits in the customer experience journey the company is trying to achieve,” he said. This presentation will explore how further coaching in the working environment can help to ensure an improved and consistent member experience.

Dr Paul Bedford - Understanding motivation in self and others

This year Paul will explain how to ask questions to uncover what really motivates our staff and members behaviour. These techniques can be used to assist in the hiring and appraising of staff as well as understanding the member’s reasons for joining and retaining their membership.



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