Retention Convention 2016

In the very near future your ability (or inability) to compete in the fitness market will be based on you maximizing technology to support your staff and enhance your member experience.

Equipment manufactures, software suppliers and app developers are working hard to integrate new technologies which will provide even more information about the member, you the operator, staff and member. We are going to see changes in apps that integrate behaviour change techniques, autp-progress workouts and wearable’s to enhance the exercise effect.

This will enable savvy operators to push information to the member and pull additional information out.

We don't need to dream about the technology of the future, everything we need is already available. We just need to know where it fits, in the current fitness facilities.

These are the recordings of all eight sessions from the 2016 Retention Convention.

Arron Williams, Dr Melvyn Hillsdon, Selda Gamzeil, Dr Paul Bedford, Dr Niels Nagel and Tiffeny Gould.

Filmed live 19-20th May 2016 and broadcast to 19 different countries.

Retention Convention 2016

Molly Kemmer The world-renowned experts include Molly Kemmer, who was the Chair of IHRSA and only the third female to hold the position in 34 years.  Athought leader with more than 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Kemmer is passionate about innovative programme solutions that contribute to sustainable health outcomes and enduring business models, and she presents internationally, teaching awareness of ‘connecting, knowing, and doing better’.   At the 2016 Retention Convention Molly talkedabout structure protocols, on-boarding clients, prescribing programmes, tracking performance and delivering and measuring outcomes.  All of whichenable consistent, replicable exercise prescription that build trust and deliver better results. She also reviewedthe development of new technology that automatically writes and updates exercise progression programmes.   Dr. Niels Nagel Germany’s Dr. Niels Nagel, who is head of the German Industry Federation for Health and Fitnessalso spoke. Nielshas been a consultant in the industry since 1998 and also works as a lecturer and research assistant at the German Sports University in Cologne.  Niels talkedabout his research on health-oriented fitness training with the focus on attendance, compliance and adherence from a behavioural psychological perspective. He also discussedhow developments in technology may assist with improved results in the near future. Selda Gamzeli Selda Gamzeli, from Turkey, was Jatomi Fitness’s Group Customer Experience Director for six countries - Poland, Turkey, Malaysia, Romania, Indonesia, Czech Republic, with the remit of creating and implementing member experience programmes to reduce attrition, increase retention and support revenue growth. Selda talked about how she was responsible for providing strategic and technical direction for customer analytics, including defining KPIs and methodology, designing test-and-learn experiments, growing data sources and producing regular customer insights to answer key business questions.     Arron Williams Arron Williams, former Special Projects lead at Life Fitness, who believes designing and driving stronger human connections into the fabric of health and fitness facilities helps turn members into profitable customers and employees into apostles. His diverse background as a personal trainer, coach, university lecturer, and facility and fitness product designer ensured a fun and thought provoking session that decoded the current exercise experience and then recodes it with added value to meet the needs of the customer and the business.   Tiffeny Gould With extensive experience across the sector, including 15 years at SLM/Everyone Active where she was Digital Fitness Development and National Exercise Referral Manager, Tiffeny Gould supportsorganisations across areas such as health interventions, customer experience and programme delivery and digitally-led developments, including product integration and development.   At the convention, Tiffeny discussed the technical challenges of going digital - integrating new software, staff issues, training and end user engagement.  She explained how to achieve significant improvements in membership figures, adherence to programs and demonstrations of long term behaviour change, and how to make projects financially sustainable with a flexible resource model.    Dr. Melvyn Hillsdon Dr. Melvyn Hillsdon, author of the TRP 10,000 study, will also be speaking with a session entitled ‘What’s the price of Silence’.  He challenged the rationale behind reducing the number of fitness staff in order to cut costs and discuss how good fitness staff can have a greater impact on retention and revenue than you think.  He showed operators how getting staff to engage in brief, simple interventions with members can double income.  

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