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Retention Convention 2016

In the very near future your ability (or inability) to compete in the fitness market will be based on you maximizing technology to support your staff and enhance your member experience.

Equipment manufactures, software suppliers and app developers are working hard to integrate new technologies which will provide even more information about the member, you the operator, staff and member. We are going to see changes in apps that integrate behaviour change techniques, autp-progress workouts and wearable’s to enhance the exercise effect.

This will enable savvy operators to push information to the member and pull additional information out.

We don't need to dream about the technology of the future, everything we need is already available. We just need to know where it fits, in the current fitness facilities.

These are the recordings of all eight sessions from the 2016 Retention Convention.

Arron Williams, Dr Melvyn Hillsdon, Selda Gamzeil, Dr Paul Bedford, Dr Niels Nagel and Tiffeny Gould.

Filmed live 19-20th May 2016 and broadcast to 19 different countries.


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