Designing Memorable Exercise Experiences

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Crafting great workout experiences is the key to exercise adherence, building loyalty and aiding retention.  

This years sessions will be covering on and offline fitness experiences and what you can do to develop, differentiate and deliver them to your members and clients.

7 International speakers take to the virtual stage over 5 expert sessions.

This is an educational event. Each speaker has been chosen for the depth of knowledge and their breadth of experience. Each session will be full of tasks and actions you can make in your club, to create memorable exercise experiences. 

All sessions recorded for your convenience and included in the ticket price.

The recordings of this year's Retention Convention are included, so even if you can't attend live you will still be able to review each session and extract all the impactful learnings at your leisure.

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 World renowned retention expert, Dr Paul Bedford, will be continuing his popular annual event online after 1,700 people from around the globe attended the 2020 Retention Convention.


This years Retention Convention is on Thursday 9th December, kicking off at 13.00 GMT and will once again be a live online event.

The theme this year will be on

Designing Memorable Exercise Experiences.

The day-to-day experience of exercising can become quite routine.

Arron Williams presenting at the 2016 Retention Convention explained, 

“The big issue with an exercise routine is the ROUTINE, which is why boutiques use a combination of novelty, unpredictability and a rich environment to disrupt the routine and focus our attention”

The past 18 months have seen an evolution of the online exercise experience, big companies are pouring millions of dollars into products that are entertainment led.

 "You only have to look at the investment big brands like Apple and Peloton have put into their experience to realise, it’s time to look at what we can do to provide memorable workout experiences in the gym."

Global retention expert, Dr. Paul Bedford.

Can you use the creative process, to influence behaviour, improve the experience and aid retention?

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Here's how the day will run...


13:00 - WELCOME

13:15 - Dr Paul Bedford - Designing Exercise Experiences that Last

14:00 - Q&A with Paul

14:20 - Sam Cullum and Vicky Mahony - Stand Out, Stand Up and Create Impact

15:00 - Q&A with Sam & Vicky

15:10 - Richard Playfair - The Studio to Screen Strategy

15:50 - Q&A with Richard

16:20 - Adam Zeitsiff - Key Concepts of a Successful Digital Strategy 

17:00 - Q&A with Adam

17:30 - Barry & Shay Kostabi - The Secret Science to an Immersive Member Experience

18:10 - Q&A with Barry & Shay 

18:25 - Final thoughts with Dr Paul Bedford

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A glimpse of who will be alongside you, sharing in the experience of Retention Convention 2021.

Bringing together speakers from around the world to form a documentary-style event focusing on Designing Memorable Exercise Experiences.

Dr Paul Bedford

Paul explains: “You only have to look at the investment big brands like Apple and Peloton have put into their experience to realise that if bricks and mortar facilities don’t ramp up their actual exercise experience the disparity will be so big it will be disappointing. These companies design everything around entertainment, compared to most fitness instructors who are fixated on heart rate, resistance and the number of reps.

“Some boutique brands have already nailed this, and whilst many operators have copied the facilities so they ‘look’ like a boutique, they haven’t evolved the workout experience, so they don’t ‘feel’ like a boutique. It’s time to look at what we can do to provide memorable workout experiences in the gym."

Paul will open the event and set the scene by outlining the differences between experience and memory in his session Designing Memorable Exercise Experiences, detailing what we can do to design experiences that leave a lasting positive impression, that encourages members to come back for more.

Sam Cullum and Vicky Mahony

Upstartr is a boutique growth consultancy, which supports organisations to create brand impact, develop successful products and services and boost business growth. Samantha says: “Everyone and every business has the capacity to be innovative; creativity is a habit people can develop. Thinking differently and being prepared to fail or to learn are things to be treasured, and capturing and capitalising on ideas for business progress is vital for continued success.”

Upstartr’s Samantha Cullum and Vicky Mahony, will then give insights on how to develop a product strategy and roadmap to create, innovate and transform a business, so its products and services

Stand Out, Stand Up and Create Impact.

Richard Playfair

Richard’s home is the fitness space. As a former qualified personal trainer and experienced video producer, Richard now spends his time working with owners, operators and trainers, helping them translate their ideas into valuable content, marketing and sales videos. This unique combination of skills and insight have led to the development of Richard’s C.O.R.E Video Strategy. Designed to increase your productivity, engagement, revenue and enthusiasm for video.

In his session, The Studio to Screen Strategy, Richard will explain how to future-proof your business with on-demand workouts that leave participants feeling so successful that they can't wait to come back for more.

Adam Zeitsiff

Adam is the president and CEO of Intelivideo, as well as an Advisory Board Member of the National Health and Fitness Alliance, recently launched in the U.S. by IHRSA. He previously served as the global CIO and then President & CEO of Gold’s Gym. He draws upon his 16+ years of fitness industry technology and club-operating experience to guide Intelivideo as a trusted partner to gyms and health clubs worldwide. 

In his session, Key Concepts of a Successful Digital Strategy Designed, Adam will help you understand why members are still embracing the digital model, why ‘replication’ of the in-studio offering isn’t a sufficient content strategy, and what type of digital programming can ensure member engagement and retention as well as revenue streams.

Barry and Shay Kostabi

Shay and Barry, co-founders founders of Fitness Career Mastery, teach fitness creators and entrepreneurs how to build successful heart-led businesses and immersive workout experiences so they can captivate and transform the lives of the people they were meant to serve with confidence and competence. As international master trainers, consultants and educators, this husband and wife duo share decades of experience and provide actionable resources, roadmaps and secret tricks of the trade to help you master your career in fitness.

In their session 'Unveiling the Secret Science to an Immersive Member Experience', the Kostabi’s will show you how to captivate the room, how to use music to create epic playlists and strong programming, how to coach in a way that brings everyone into an immersive flow state, and ultimately how to have an unforgettable impact on the lives of clients so they come back time after time.

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