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Retention Guru YouTube Videos

These videos are available on YouTube, but they are also here all in one place. 

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The Black and White Report videos

In these nine videos Dr Paul Bedford describes the results of the Black and White Reports  Video 1 - Intro...

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Retention Convention 2018

The 2018 Retention Convention focus was on the use of technology to enhance the customer experience in the health and...

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All four Retention Conventions (2015-2018) all in one place

2015 Creating Customer Expereinces Speakers  Rob Gregory Rob has been working behind the scenes for years. He ...

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Retention Convention 2015

These are the recordings of all five sessions from the 2015 Retention Convention. Speakers. Dr Paul Bedford, intern...

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Retention Convention 2016

In the very near future your ability (or inability) to compete in the fitness market will be based on you maximizing ...

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Retention Convention 2017

  World-class speakers at 2017 Retention Convention The third Retention Convention took place on the 18th May ...

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Retention Academy

This is my online version of my Retention Academy

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Business Growth Acadmey

Business Growth Academy is for Universities and Colleges  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each month I get e-mails asking me similar questions so I have made a series of short videos answering the questions....

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